globbin asked:
How do you have to change the conditions for a CBD dominant strain?

I haven’t had to. But I’m not also a professional CBD guy, I’m working on it. But so far, my Harlequin doesn’t seem to mad at me to be with my other plants

Anonymous asked:
How do you test THC percentages?

This is the process my lab uses: High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is the most widely accepted method for the identification and quantitative measurement of the constituents of all medical plants, including that of cannabis sativa. The American Herbal Products Association (think dietary supplements and nutraceuticals), the WHO, the UN, FDA, DEA, etc all recommend HPLC in their various guidances as the only accepted quantitative method for potency analysis. The reasons for this are quite straightforward. There are no chemical modifications to the molecules (cannabinoids) in this case, and all of the plants constituents are kept in their naturally occurring forms. This allows us to obtain true data on both the acidic (e.g. THCA, CBDA) and neutral (Delta 9-THC, CBD, CBN) of the cannabinoids.

Anonymous asked:
How is bho better for your health than dry marijuana? And how would vaping dry weed be better for your health than smoking it?

Vaporizing or Eating cannabis is the safest way to consume the substance. Dabbing is right under that because it is vaporization of essential oils. There are no carcinogens, tar, residue, anything that was left in that plant material, when you smoke it you’re inhaling. On top of the plant material. Resin that left in a pipe is highly carcinogenic and full of tar. There are steps you can take to make cannabis rather healthy, you just need to make em.